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Keeping us connected - AffPapa's launch story

By Josephine Watson

Yeva Nrava, head of commercial at AffPapa, speaks with iGB about the product's 2020 launch, the key learnings so far and the future of keeping affiliates and operators connected 

AffPapa launched earlier this year in April, and we've seen plenty of new deals and partnerships announced from you since then. Can you tell us how the first few months have been for you? - iGB Affiliate

Yeva Nrava: AffPapa is a one-of-a-kind product, we’ve had high hopes for the performance it was going to show from the get-go. And let me tell you - it did not disappoint. The response we got was insane. I personally had people messaging me and telling how excited they are for the website, and how the industry was in need of such a tool. It puts a huge responsibility on our shoulders and, of course, flatters us at the same time. We’ve had many ups and downs at the beginning, which is a given when venturing into new projects. Nonetheless, it has been worth the effort, and I’m very happy to see AffPapa in the position that it is right now.

iGBA: What have been your key learnings, successes and challenges, and how do you plan on using these to drive your strategy and product forwards?

YN:One thing that I can confidently say is that you can’t outplay a good product. As I mentioned earlier, we encountered many errors throughout these months but we stayed loyal to our vision and wholeheartedly believed in it. You have to be ready to fall and get back up, no matter what. It was not an easy journey, and I’m sure we will be faced with numerous difficulties in the future. Still, I think anything can be solved with a compassionate and talented team, who won't take “NO” for an answer. We are working very hard to deliver a grand product with grand services.

iGBA: Keeping people connected during COVID-19 has been a key priority for the industry - how do you plan on ensuring your product continues its early success once face-to-face networking is possible?

YN: That’s a very good question actually. Our focus has always been on building a community and having an individual approach to everyone. AffPapa prioritises genuine connections first. We’ve been accumulating partners that share the same core values and ambitions as we do, which definitely ensures a smooth work flow. Yes, your product might be the best in theory, but if you don’t have a customer base who’s loyal and believes in it as much as you do, then I don’t think it’s going to work or transfer into the physical realm. We’ve been very lucky in that sense.

iGBA: What can we expect from AffPapa in the coming months?

YN: AffPapa has so much in store for the second half of 2020. These upcoming months are going to be very hectic for us since we are launching a few new sections in the directory. We have already launched our two new sections “The best on AffPapa” and “Affiliate Offers” which you can check outon our website. Loads of content, loads of exciting announcements coming. I can’t disclose too much yet, so stay tuned!This article is sponsored by AffPapa.
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