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How to differentiate yourself as an igaming affiliate

By Josephine Watson

The potential of affiliate programs to profit from the soaring popularity of igaming has been there for some time, but it is only relatively recently that the attention of many has turned that way

Not long ago, affiliate marketing was something of an untapped resource in many industries, and the world of igaming was no different. The potential of affiliate programs to profit from the soaring popularity of igaming has been there for some time, but it is only relatively recently that the attention of many has turned that way. That being said, it hasn’t taken long for the igaming affiliate market to fill up quickly, with several giants of the industry holding the top spots, and a plethora of smaller affiliate companies vying for position and the possibility of taking that step up to join those at the top of the ladder. If you’re looking to make an impact in the world of affiliate companies, it’s going to take more than just following the trends of what has worked in the past. It’s necessary to differentiate yourself from the immense number of competitors you’ll find yourself up against in the market.

Find a niche

The igaming market is huge, and while nothing is untouched, there are numerous game types and mechanics that do not get the attention they perhaps deserve. Even when they do, it’s normally a paragraph or two giving the basics on how they work. If you focus a decent amount of the attention of your site on one specific aspect of the igaming world, it’s easier to become seen as a, if not the trusted voice on that particular aspect. This is an angle that hasrecently been taken by the new affiliate brand Lioncasinos, focusing their attention on slots that operate with the Megaways game mechanic created by Big Time Gaming and now used by numerous developers. Megaways offers ever-changing paylines, and the potential to pick up huge wins. By focusing primarily on this, Lioncasinos can set themselves apart. Megaways may be taken now, but there’s a huge number of game mechanics and game types that are yet to become the primary focus of an igaming affiliate, and capitalising on that opportunity could make all the difference.



Testing and tracking

There may have been a time when just saying every online casino was excellent in an effort to spread your potential for profit as wide as possible was effective, but that certainly isn’t the case anymore. If you become known as an affiliate with no negative opinions, you can quickly lose any sense of trust in the igaming world, so honestly is undoubtedly the best policy. In order to bring fully rounded information on online casino and sports betting sites, developers, etc. you need to make sure you have the necessary information, and testing and tracking is the best way about it. Testing and tracking allows you to get a good sense of how individual sites treat their players in terms of complaint resolution, ease and speed of withdrawals, and much more. Not only does this give you the ability to give a good amount of information to your customers, but it will also aid in you developing a reputation as a trusted resource.

Cultivating relationships for unique data

Relationships with game providers can make a huge difference to an igaming affiliate. These relationships allow you the ability to gain necessary data on what slots are hot and cold, and much more. These relationships can help you give unique data which can be helpful to players, including comparisons of progressive jackpot slots, and perhaps most importantly, when those jackpots may be likely to drop. If consumers get to know that you can provide them with unique, fresh, and up to date information and data, you can become a valuable resource for them when it comes to deciding not only where to play, but also what games to play. In short, a combination of honesty and unique selling points, with a good hand in hand with positive and productive relationships with game developers and providers, can help you to stand out in the busy world of igaming affiliate marketing. The changes may not be immediate, but as your reputation grows, so, potentially, will your customer base and your profits.This article is sponsored by Meow Corp LTD​ and does not represent the views of
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