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Push Your Product Forward

By Robin Harrison

Toni Halonen, co-founder and CEO of Good Game, is giving you the next feature of your product for free with Bojoko’s upcoming push notifications.

Toni Halonen is co-founder and CEO of Good Game, an online lead generation company with a successful portfolio of igaming brands which is currently building Bojoko. A new concept in the industry, Bojoko connects a community of online casinos, game suppliers and players on one platform.

We’ve got news for online casinos. Push notifications are now part of your benefits packet. What on earth are we on about?

Push notifications are the perfect marriage between advertising and UX design. When players in our community like your casino, they want to be notified whenever you’ve got something irresistible to offer. This could be an update to your bonuses, a new promotion or an overhaul of your terms and conditions. And in the most important (yet often overlooked) scenario, it’s when you launch your business.

You want the whole world to stop and listen when your casino makes its debut into the internet wilderness, but it’s easier desired than done. Users have one thing in common: they want to be updated, but only about what’s meaningful to them. Push notifications are engineered to be effective, informative and non-intrusive. Just that trio of characteristics that makes your target customer respond positively to your brand, instead of shutting it off as a nuisance.

Push notifications don’t just improve conversion rates. They’re a proven powerhouse for endearing yourself to your customers, especially if you want to target them with the most loaded of your updates. The element of personalisation is the “pull” to the push – it’s what makes them so appealing. When this feature is made available to them on Bojoko, they can pick and choose when, how and for what reason to receive information about your product. The heads-ups that add value to your gambling adventure, on demand.

With these options in place, users are actually asking for your advertising to be delivered to them instead of letting themselves be bombarded by a torrent of uncontrolled messages. And based on this proposition, they engender an authentic, positive response that rarely goes unnoticed. As consumers, we’re always on the hunt for the best deal. Not the best deal from your brand (we’ve got to avoid tunnel vision in our marketing insights and not kid ourselves about our business goals overriding consumer psychology), but the best deal out there. You might not have it 100% of the time, but when you do, your tentacles have to grasp those who are clamouring for it.

So here’s what we’re proposing. You create a knockout front cover for your brand using all the tools at your disposition on our site. First, round up your casino’s selling points with the help of our optimised path. That’s how you create your casino review. Break down your casino’s strong points into your calling card, and let us help you become visible to Google. You can then post your offers, update your casino review, get tagged in players’ winnings with a surefire guarantee that your brightest news are affecting your customers.

Newly listed casinos on Bojoko stand to benefit the most from our proposition, and we’re welcoming plenty of them to the platform. The data backs it up: our players want new casinos, because the highest engagement patterns surface with newborn brands. Notifications help speed up the process of familiarisation and acquisition.

Don’t sleep on it, affiliate managers and casinos. Sit back, relax, and let Bojoko do the push for you.

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