CopyBet reinvents social betting

By iGBA Editorial Team

The sector has spent years trying to perfect the social betting experience for punters. CopyBet explains why it believes it has achieved this by seamlessly connecting them with proven and successful tipsters

The betting world is accustomed to punters selling their tips and forecasts for a fee and taking no responsibility for the result. Yet what if their tips were actually tested without bettors taking risks? Well, that's how CopyBet perceives social betting. Top tipsters put their money where their mouth is and make real bets. Transparent statistics of their every bet prove the profitability of their strategies so that followers can copy their success.

How it works Each day, thousands of experts wager on the results of sporting events. To succeed in betting, they constantly analyse football matches as well as general sports news. It requires extensive knowledge of the betting world, high mathematical and statistical skills and a willingness to place real bets. Not to mention the significant investment of time. Certainly, such an investment should return with dividends? That's where social betting takes the field.

Tipsters rating CopyBet connects tipsters who proved their strategy to be successful with followers who pay to copy tipsters' bets. CopyBet's rating system features the most competent tipsters based on their real bets, and not just predictions. While followers delegate the market research to professionals and enjoy the fun part of betting, simply copying the bets of the pros.

Transparent statistics As a follower, you don't buy tips blindly – you assess the strategy of a tipster, thanks to all the information about their closed bets available for registered customers.

Comprehensive stats on a tipster's profile provide data on their profitability, risk level, types of sports, and -  most importantly - period, so you can be sure that it's not just down to luck but systematic success. This level of transparency grants a deeper understanding of the tipster's betting process and establishes unparalleled trust in the world of high stakes.

Regulated service Speaking of trust, as part of the ongoing efforts to create the perfect solution for social bettors, CopyBet operates under the regulation of the GB Gambling Commission Licence and is also a member of the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). CopyBet has built a trustworthy platform that defends the interests of each client.


Affiliate program It's hard to imagine social betting without sharing your experience with a wider audience. That's why among CopyBet's services, there is an attractive affiliate program. Affiliates receive 9% of the subscription price each time an attracted follower subscribes to a Tipster.

So why did CopyBet "reinvent" social betting? Because a copy-betting platform is an innovative way to respond to the needs of both tipsters eager to show off their expertise and followers with little time for in-depth research. It's a perfect marriage of betting knowledge and the thrill of winning.

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