Bitvavo: unlocking the potential of digital assets

By iGBA Editorial Team

Bitvavo offers a new, high-reward affiliate program in the crypto, digital assets and blockchain gaming space. The company introduces its product and network to iGB Affiliate

Bitvavo is a European digital asset exchange offering over 150 digital assets which is registered with the DNB and fully compliant with EU regulations.

Our platform serves investors and traders regardless of their previous experience with crypto. The website is highly intuitive for beginners, and our advanced trading panel and API also cater to the demands of the most experienced traders.

Our state-of-the-art affiliate program can monetise web assets, social media assets and offline efforts. Our industry leading lightweight tracking collects as little data as possible, ensuring that user privacy is respected and that browsers do not flag our tracking as a threat.

We offer visual assets made to fit with every conceivable web asset. We know that custom visual assets are the best conversion drivers and offer banners and iframe widgets to help our affiliates achieve the best conversion ratio possible.

Our dedicated team of five affiliate managers is always available to optimise and maximise our affiliates' revenue potential. Our affiliate managers speak the native language of their target markets, which enables a seamless connection between Bitvavo and its affiliates.

We accept traffic from the entire European Union. Our rates are competitive and based on a revenue share model. High intent websites, such as comparison portals, content websites and finance websites are our top performers.

Join the Bitvavo affiliate network before April 1st 2022 and profit from a special revenue share percentage of 30% and 20€ CPA! Please contact affiliate@bitvavo.com before promoting Bitvavo on your website.

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