iGB Affiliate Awards
7th February 2020
The Brewery
It's great to see some old faces and even better to see so many new ones. The industry is growing and there is so much room for growth!
Antonia Georgiou
Smooch Bingo/Stash Bingo

Toke Joensen

Toke Joensen

Chief Sites Officer
Traffic Lab

Toke Joensen has been working in the igaming industry for the past 4 years.

As the CSO of Denmark-based Traffic Lab, Toke is responsible for SEO and Content development, and has played a part in the company's vast growth over the later years, where they have broken into new markets and launched several new sites in the process.

Toke has an educational background with a Masters in marketing and communications. Professionally his focus is on legislation and staying up to date with the newest trends in the iGaming business. In his spare time he enjoys city life in Copenhagen and following his favorite football team Liverpool FC while having a beer and a laugh.