Tiz Gambacorta

Tiz Gambacorta


Hi. Welcome to my world :)

I’m Tiz Gambacorta – founder of 8020Research.com, internet entrepreneur, investor, author, and crazy man on a mission.

I've founded 6+ brands that I've built to multi-million dollars in sales. During that time I've created a hyper responsive email lists of over 300,000+ subscribers and clients.

All by age 35.

In 2010, at an event I stumbled into a speaker who opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. That thinking led me to quitting my job, from being depressed, frustrated, under-paid working for an over-paid, over-fed boss to launching my business.

Some of the things I’ve done recently include…

* Routinely launching ad campaigns generating 200% ROI on DAY-1

* Travelling to Mongolia to build a hotel at the age of 29. Lol.

* Travelling from Russia to China on the TranSiberian train, going to the Run of the Bulls 3X, Oktoberfest 3X, etc

* Investing £1.5m in UK real estate post-Brexit (wish me luck)

* And lots of other embarrassing, costly, stressful things my dad would GASP at…if he knew

I’m also working on founding a charity providing online entrepreneurship education to people of all ages who have “brass guts” - pray for me on this one :)