iGB Affiliate Awards
7th February 2020
The Brewery
It's great to see some old faces and even better to see so many new ones. The industry is growing and there is so much room for growth!
Antonia Georgiou
Smooch Bingo/Stash Bingo

Prem Anand

Prem Anand

Head of Affiliates
Rovert Affiliates

Prem Anand has been in the Igaming indusrty for the past 5 years and started his career as a Junior affiliate manager.

Prem Joined the iGaming industry in 2014 as an Affiliate Manager and has acquired a strong knowlwdge about the affiliate industry after handling a number of successful brands and award-winning networks. He is currently working as the Head of Affiliates at Rovert Affiliates. Prem believes IGB conferences are a great way to meet old friends and new affiliates. 

Prem's hobbies are riding motorcycles and travelling.