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NicNick Garner is an entrepreneur, founder of Oshi Bitcoin Casino and investor in various businesses. He was previously SEO manager for Betfair and then head of search for Unibet, then founding 90 Digital before going on to launch Oshi casino. He is a family man living near London. 

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Nick is an entrepreneur and investor in various businesses centred around iGaming. His iGaming journey started in 2006, where he was a marketing manager for Betfair, 2010 he joined Unibet as a senior marketing manager and 2012 he founded 90 Digital, the iGaming search agency.  In 2015 he launched Oshi casino, and in 2017 invested in a Digital marketing agency and an iGaming PR business. Nick continues to love online marketing and has a passion for sports having competed internationally over many years. He is married with two children and lives in South Buckinghamshire.


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