19th - 22nd October 2020
Station Berlin
The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference was a huge success for LeoVegas Affiliates. Meeting existing partners is always an amazing experience, and we hit the ground running since landing back in Malta having met so many potential partners at the conference. Looking forward to the next show in Lisbon!
Wendy Debattista,
Administration Lead Customer Acquisition, LeoVegas

Erez Margalit

Erez Margalit

Light House Media

I am a online marketer that specializes in affiliate marketing, online marketing, and other related ventures that provide a marketing strategy for all sizes and kinds of businesses.

I have been involved in the on line industry and the gaming / finance vertical for more then 8 years, and have been doing that on all sides and aspects of this wonderful industry

When it comes to choosing partners & especially today

Mutual honesty, respect, clear targets and realistic expectations are the best way to start a partnership

Successful affiliate marketing and partnership is not about B2C or B2B it is all about H2H – Human to human !

Affiliate marketing and online marketing is combination of mutual interest that both sides share

It is on both sides to create a partnership that will help both sides to increase their ROI

And the key point here Is a match between the abilities of the publisher and the needs of the advertiser

My agency and my experience is to make this happen for both affiliates and advertiser.

I Help affiliates get a better value for their traffic and I help brands and advertiser get a better ROI On their marketing budget

Upcoming talks

Partner selection and structuring: creating long-term win-win relationships for all parties