Erez Margalit

Erez Margalit

Light House Media

I am a online marketer that specializes in affiliate marketing, online marketing, and other related ventures that provide a marketing strategy for all sizes and kinds of businesses.

I have been involved in the on line industry and the gaming / finance vertical for more then 8 years, and have been doing that on all sides and aspects of this wonderful industry

When it comes to choosing partners & especially today

Mutual honesty, respect, clear targets and realistic expectations are the best way to start a partnership

Successful affiliate marketing and partnership is not about B2C or B2B it is all about H2H – Human to human !

Affiliate marketing and online marketing is combination of mutual interest that both sides share

It is on both sides to create a partnership that will help both sides to increase their ROI

And the key point here Is a match between the abilities of the publisher and the needs of the advertiser

My agency and my experience is to make this happen for both affiliates and advertiser.

I Help affiliates get a better value for their traffic and I help brands and advertiser get a better ROI On their marketing budget

Upcoming talks

Partner selection and structuring: creating long-term win-win relationships for all parties