Alina Muresan

Alina Muresan

Head of Branding
Fable Affiliates

Highly ambitious and driven. Alina perceive herself as an industry enthusiast. Alina never envisioned working with gambling prior to starting her current work with Fable Media but, now can’t picture doing anything but. As Head of Branding she is over-viewing the activity of the branding team in the company that is responsible for affiliate marketing and promotion for both own brands and promotion of other partners. Alina is a detail oriented individual with a passion for the creative and legal aspects of the business. She is taking pride in always being on top of things and ensuring things are on track. In her private life she is a very positive individual with a passion for traveling and discovering new cultures. 

Alina Muresan

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Alina Muresan is brand manager at Fable Affiliates. While Alina is involved in both the affiliate and casino sides of the business, her main work is marketing. She oversees the casino and bingo brands of Fable Affiliates and makes sure they are as successful as they can be.

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