WPN Affiliates underline 'innovation'

| By Richard Mulligan
Accepting cryptocurrency is key to driving traffic and increasing player value in the "languishing" online poker industry, according to the Winning Poker Network (WPN), with WPN Affiliates' Michael Harris underlining the company’s focus on “innovation” to counteract declines in the broader sector.

WPN, which processed its first Bitcoin transaction in 2015, now accepts more than 60 different cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals.

Having accounted for just two per cent of WPN’s business in the first year, cryptocurrencies now represent 60% of all transactions.

Numerous operators have reported a fall in active poker players in recent months, with other forms of gaming and sports betting on the rise.

“The online poker industry has been languishing,” Harris acknowledged. “But we’ve got the prescription to help the game thrive again and that’s innovation.”

In a release, WPN added that in comparison with traditional banking methods, which on average add a 13% cost to transactions, crypto transactions only cost an additional two per cent.

WPN also stated that it believes the abundance of instructional materials associated with some online poker rooms are proving to be a turn-off for recreational players. With that in mind, WPN has attempted to offer new variations of the game, like Six Plus Hold’em.

WPN Affiliates launched its programme in 2001, offering a full suite of marketing and content resources.

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