Wildz Casino by Rootz has arrived

| By Robin Harrison
Wildz, a trending casino, tells us precisely what all the hype is about

The following is an article written and produced by Wildz Casino by Rootz.

A storm has been brewing in igaming land for a while now. Initially, it began with rumors of a new project, involving some ‘legendary’ guys and next-generation tech that was going to take casino land by storm. There was talk of seamless automation and features that no one up till now could possibly match, then the whispers grew and grew until today and now here they are…

Wildz Casino by Rootz has arrived.

When you consider that Wildz is the brainchild of those same guys behind operator Rizk, you get a picture of what all the hype is about. An abundance of cutting edge features, a focus on true automation, while maintaining stunning simplicity in terms of usability, Wildz by Rootz promises much.

  Co-founder Mikko Halmela put it best: “At Wildz, the onus is on simplicity. We look at it like this: Everything under the hood is complicated but for our players, it could not be simpler. Fast working, minimalistic in theme, easy on the eyes but streamlined and complex in function. LESS IS MORE in terms of design but in terms of features and potential rewards as a player you will definitely ‘Get More’.”

As a slogan, Wildz feels that ‘Get More’ is pretty good – the question is whether it is accurate. Well, it turns out it is, and it doesn’t take hours of play to see quite why. Each time a player logs in the game lobby, rewards, promotions, etc are modified perfectly around their specific tastes. E.g. As a reward for levelling up, you spin a reel which contains only your favourite games and wherever the reel lands, you receive free spins for that game. What’s not to love?

This, however, is the tip of the iceberg. Wildz offers a feature the likes of which players simply have not seen up to this point. It goes by the name of ‘Spinback’.

It works as follows: For every 5 consecutive spins in Book of Dead that pass without a win, Wildz awards you a Free Spin. These Free Spins are accumulated in the reward section to be played within 24 hours. This is another example of how Wildz, across the board, offer players more winning opportunities. Between Level Ups, Spinback, and the numerous rewards that appear (in the games you specifically like playing) you start to get the picture.

The Rootz platform allows for Wildz players to get a personalised gaming experience in every area of their play. All this and we haven’t even mentioned bespoke promotional packages and a Loyalty+ scheme that offers unprecedented control over cashback allocations etc. A well-oiled machine, efficiency in abundance and fun beyond all measure.

Players take note!

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