Speaker Interview: Steve Ruddock

Speaker Interview: Steve Ruddock

Meet Steve Ruddock, Senior analyst at Catena Media US

Published 19th December 2018


Why is your session important for delegates to attend, and what benefits will they get from being there?

Since the Supreme Court paved the way for states to legalize sports betting I've learned one hard, fast truth: US gaming companies know very little about international online gaming and international companies, including affiliates, don't fully comprehend the US market. One of the big blind spots for the latter is the regulatory landscape.  


What do you think will be the most important ideas for affiliates to consider in 2019?

I can answer that in one word: positioning.

With country after country regulating online gaming, the sector is growing increasingly balkanized.  Affiliates will need to make difficult decisions that will have a lasting impact on how they do business. Those decisions include everything from target jurisdictions to promoting black or gray market operators.


Which of the other topics on the agenda are you most excited about?

I always look forward to learning something new. I bring an open mind to conferences, as I firmly believe there is value in every panel if you bring the proper mindset. In fact, it's been my experience that my favourite panel is an unexpected one.


Why did you choose LAC as the platform to share your knowledge?

As I hinted at in a previous response, the US and international industries have long been two ships passing in the night. There needs to be a sharing of ideas to meld the disparate industries into a single, cohesive industry.   


What are you most looking forward to during your time in London? 

A week in London means I get to experience one of my favorite things: sampling the cuisine of one of the world's great cities.