5th - 8th February 2020
ExCeL, London
The London Affiliate Conference surpassed expectations. The organisers delivered an event that offered solid new business, as well as enhancing opportunity with existing partners - credit to the iGB events team, and the affiliate attendance that makes it possible. LAC sets the standard that other events should follow, and if we had to select just one event to attend each year, it would be this one.
James Woods, Head of Performance Marketing, bet365

Speaker Interview: Bertan Baytekin

Speaker Interview: Bertan Baytekin

Meet Bertan Baytekin, Chairman & Director from Protipster

Published 19th December 2018

Why is your session important for delegates to attend, and what benefits will they get from being there?

This session is important for affiliates or for entrepreneurs who are considering to enter this space. I believe there will be enough insights and advice about doing effective business in a very competitive business segment. 


What do you think will be the most important ideas for affiliates to consider in 2019?

Traffic acquisition is getting more and more expensive and consolidation efforts have started to narrow down options for small/medium-size affiliates. Internet giants are also trying to make sure cookie-based tracking methods are eliminated as much as possible. These facts require affiliate businesses to be both data and product driven so they remain on top of their game. In other words, retention is becoming an important terms for affiliates. So affiliates need to get better in offering value through a product and retain their users by building trust. 


Which of the other topics on the agenda are you most excited about?

I think it all comes down to making sure your users engage with your product. Some do it heavily via content and that becomes an integral part of their product. Others do it via data processing and the result becomes a highly advanced and autonomous machine. It will be interesting to see the discussion around which type of content serves the needs of different product-driven affiliate models. 


Why did you choose LAC as the platform to share your knowledge?

LAC has been the icon event of the affiliates in igaming industry since it emerged. It attracts both the curious and the knowledgeable so it's a great occasion to meet different kinds of people. 


What are you most looking forward to during your time in London? 

Networking and definitely catching up with the old friends. There is no better city to do both.