5th - 8th February 2020
ExCeL, London
The London Affiliate Conference surpassed expectations. The organisers delivered an event that offered solid new business, as well as enhancing opportunity with existing partners - credit to the iGB events team, and the affiliate attendance that makes it possible. LAC sets the standard that other events should follow, and if we had to select just one event to attend each year, it would be this one.
James Woods, Head of Performance Marketing, bet365

Speaker Interview: Alvin Hussey

Speaker Interview: Alvin Hussey

Meet Alvin Hussey, Insights & Business Development Director from the Hook Group and also a speaker at #LAC2019

Published 29th January 2019

Tell us a bit about yourself – how did you end up as Insights & Business Development Director at The Hook Group, and what do you love most about the role?

I’ve worked in youth media for nearly a decade and joined The Hook at launch in 2014 as Brand Partnerships Director. I spent 4 years working with brands and media agencies directly to help craft innovative award-winning branded content for clients.

This year I took on the role of Business Development Director and I’m really passionate about being given the opportunity to share the insights that I get everyday both internally and externally. I work with such an amazing creative team at The Hook as well as so many super talented professionals from all walks of life in this incredibly fast-moving industry.

Your presentation will explore ideas of storytelling for brands – what is the significance of this in 2019 and which brands can LAC delegates look to for inspiration?

When I first started in the industry all of those years ago, The Facebook algorithm was very different back then, there was no Instagram Stories, no snapchat, very dark days as you can imagine. However, the real core aspects of storytelling and why people share actually hasn’t really changed all that much over the years. It’s really all about how they are put into practice in the ever-changing world of media consumption. The challenge now is how can you look to seamlessly integrate your messages, products or ideas into strong narratives too.

It’s a tough one but some of the brands that spring to mind who are constantly able to stand out with their storytelling techniques are people like Nike, Dollar Shave Club and KFC and then the obvious ones like John Lewis.

Looking forward into the 2020s, what do you predict will be the most important brand strategies for digital companies?

In a nutshell, I think brands need to make sure they innovate and adapt but also not to jump on the band wagon. It can be really easy for people to do something for the sake of doing it. Without sounding too much like captain obvious, ultimately it comes back to the why. Why are you looking to do what you’re doing and for what purpose. It has to make sense for you and your marketing strategy. Longer form video on social in particular is continuing its rise with opportunities to engage potential consumers for longer. At The Hook our big focus is on creating original video formats and episodic content for our clients.

The goalposts are always moving and new technologies and algorithms will always come into play. There’s big things coming for Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp’s capabilities, to Netflix and others challenging in the space. Lot’s of things bubbling behind the scenes at the moment and I can’t wait to see what’s next.