Norway’s Lotteritilsynet to fine affiliate SEO-Butler for promoting illegal gambling

| By Robert Fletcher
Norwegian regulator Lotteritilsynet is set to fine affiliate site owner SEO-Butler for promoting illegal gambling websites despite repeated warnings.

The regulator first presented SEO-Butler with an order to stop marketing of illegal gambling websites on its sites on 7 December, 2020.

It then warned on 22 March of this year that if SEO-Butler did not stop promoting these sites, it would be fined.

In response, SEO-Butler issued a letter saying its sites were blocked for users with Norwegian IP addresses.

However, reviews between 19 April and 3 May showed that while many sites were blocked, four sites had domains and were available to view. SEO-Butler continued to promote illegal gambling on these sites.

The sites in question were,, and

As a result, Lotteritilsynet opted to issue a fine.

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