New DK marketing laws cause headache for sponsors, DBU warns

| By Robert Fletcher
Danish consumer ombudsman Forbrugerombudsmanden has rejected criticism of new marketing laws that prohibit the display of gambling brands alongside the logos of banks, despite concerns the regulations will harm football clubs across the country.  

The amendments to the country’s marketing regulations came into effect from 1 July, and prevent products such as loans and credit cards being promoted alongside gambling products. This aims to avoid suggesting a link between short-term funding options being used to fund gambling.

The issue was brought to light after the Danish Football Union (DBU) questioned the Forbrugerombudsmanden how this change would impact its existing sponsorship deals with financial services group Arbejdernes Landsbank and Oddset, a betting brand of majority state-owned lottery operator Danske Spil.

The Ombudsman informed the DBU that logos for Arbejdernes Landsbank and Oddset can no longer appear together on any surfaces, including players’ and coaches’ clothes, and interview backdrops. Arbejdernes Landsbank does not offer short-term loans, but as a bank, it offers a range of lending services, meaning it falls in the scope of the law.

The DBU warned that this interpretation could harm its relationship with both Arbejdernes Landsbank and Oddset, while the new law could also have negative implications on football clubs across Denmark that are sponsored by both gambling operators and banks.

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