Lithuania bans all gambling promotion

| By Robert Fletcher
Lithuania’s government has announced an outright ban on all forms of gambling promotion with effect from 1 July.

Approved by a vote in parliament (Seimas), the new amendment to the country’s Law on Gambling will prohibit the promotion of gambling in any form and by means, including not only television and radio but also special events, test games, promotions, discounts, gits and other incentives.

The government said that the blanket ban is designed to help tackle problem gambling in the country, as well as reduce the appeal of gambling and lower the amount people spend on gambling. 

The ban will apply to both the land-based and online gambling markets in Lithuania.

Though the ban will not come into effect until 1 July, it is already prohibited in Lithuania to encourage gambling by offering players gifts to gamble, or to organise gambling outside licensed venues or an approved operator’s website.

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