Leadstar launches new Brazilian website

| By Robert Fletcher
Lead generation company Leadstar Media has rolled out a second website in Brazil.

Launched to complement SiteDeApostas.com, the new ApostasBrasil.com site will focus on driving SEO traffic using keywords associated with igaming.

Content on the site will be developed by Enrico Nazaré, a former professional footballer who was born and raised in Brazil.

Eskil Kvarnström, chief executive of Leadstar Media says: “Brazil is a market on the rise where we see great potential for our products. We already have the largest affiliate site in Brazil and it is an area that is constantly growing in the country.

“After the success we have experienced so far in Brazil, we decided to launch a new product and expand our presence in the market.

“We are well aware that SEO takes time and that we constantly need to work with the product. However, we have a good structure in place and expect to send players to our partners before the domestic football season comes to an end.”

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