BtoBet targets social media with new betting platform

| By Robert Fletcher
Online gaming platform provider BtoBet is to launch its Neuron 3 player-centric betting platform, with the aim of increasing website traffic through social media.

The new platform features a social media betting feature, specifically developed with modern gamblers’ profiles and characteristics in mind.

This feature will enable players to search for bets, or directly place bets, from the social media app of their liking such as Twitter, Facebook, Viber, and Telegram.

“Not only does the feature provide a very fast way for players to place bets without the need to browse through an endless list of events – either through the web or the operator’s third-party app – it also vastly simplifies the way in which multiples bets could be placed via a single messaged instruction,” BtoBet said in a statement.

“Players can also make use of the social media betting tool for bet searching, allowing them to find all the selections they want in a single search.

“Apart from providing individual players with a simplified betting experience, the social media betting feature is also set to present a number of benefits for the operators themselves, with the feature being the ideal approach in targeting digital native customers, and especially millennials, thus resulting in increased engagement.”

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