Nordic power - Apr/May 2017

Tying into our first-ever event in the region with the Nordic Affiliate Conference, this issue of iGB Affiliate looks at the big affiliate networks and consolidators reshaping the affiliate sector in the Nordics and beyond.

For Catena, RakeTech and XLMedia (see roundtable p34-36) the future is all about harnessing the synergies, data and technology that acquired scale brings. We look at the inevitable introduction of PPC in Sweden post the recommended market opening and re-regulation and the impact on affiliates that today generate valuable traffic via SEO from that territory. But as Catena’s Erik Bergman emphasises, the proposed framework is all still some way from being agreed by the politicians, let alone implemented.  

We also drill down into the wave of Nordic-led M&A sweeping the sector (p38-41) and provide some expert advice for affiliates considering an exit as dealflow, prices and multiples continue to rise (p42-43). 

How Scandinavian businesses are reshaping the affiliate space

April / May 2017


  • Engagement and black hat SEO 
  • What does your content say about you 
  • Roundtable: Catena, RakeTech, XLMedia 
  • The rising wave of affiliate M&A 
  • Four content strategies to build loyalty with Millennials 
  • The importance of influence 
  • Why UX should be your top priority
  • Creating content for the Gen C 
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