Bitcoin revolution - Aug/Sept 2014

Everyone is talking about bitcoin, and whether you believe in bitcoin long-term or you think that another cryptocurrency will supersede it, you can’t afford to ignore the most disruptive technology in the online payments space. Why is bitcoin important to iGaming? It lowers payment costs signifi cantly, it eliminates chargebacks, and the majority of bitcoins traded today are through bitcoin gaming merchants. But whether you mine them, buy them or have never paid bitcoin much attention, this issue will get you up to speed on bitcoin in iGaming and how affi liates can benefi t from the bitcoin revolution.

Highlights from this issue

August / September 2014


  • Google's New Panda is off the Leash
  • A Change is Gonna Come?
  • Mobile SEO in 2014
  • SEO Lessons and a Little Jedi Wisdom
  • Retargeting for Affiliates
  • Sports Betting, Affiliates and the World Cup
  • Round Table Bitcoin and iGaming
  • iGaming and the Connected World

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