The anatomy of the super affiliate - Apr/May 2013

There are many perspectives on what defi nes a super affi liate, with the traditional position being that they account for the top one or two percent of affi liates that generate approximately 90 percent of any affi liate program’s earnings. But times are changing, as is the ability of any single affi liate to account for so much of a partner’s revenue. This issue, we explore the anatomy of the super affi liate in an attempt to understand what separates them from the rest.

We also examine one of the newer areas of opportunity for gaming affi liates: fi nancial trading products. Our special report looks into the increasingly popular areas of forex and binary options and how affi liates in the gaming industry can take advantage of the cross selling opportunities that exist between the two sectors.

Finally, we report from the US where New Jersey has fi nally passed legislation that sees it become the third US state to legalise forms of intra-state iGaming. The US opportunity for affi liates will become more apparent as the current regulated environments evolve and more states come online, but until then, the overriding message to affi liates is to be patient.

Highlights from this issue

April / May 2013


  • The Anatomy of a Super Affiliate
  • Responsive Design for Sportsbetting Sites
  • Special Report: Financial Trading
  • The US iGaming Industry and Affiliates: The Evolution of Markets
  • Going Global in SEO: Keyword Research and Translations
  • Another Dimension: Jez San OBE, President and Founder of PKR

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