Crypto, dApps & DLT: The Future of iGaming Built on Blockchain

  • What difficulties in the iGaming market can Crypto solve?
  • What is the main innovation “dApps” carry, and which key factors does DLT have to offer large iGaming enterprises?
  • Where can decentralized ledger technology improve the iGaming industry? Platform mechanism, games and live games, CRM, affiliate tracking, server security, and more?
  • What are the next steps for dApps and DLT game developers, in order to disrupt iGaming markets? How can they take a piece of the big cake, and what challengeswill they face?
  • How will the industry look in 3-5 years? Will DLT will take over iGaming and will be implemented into the different market sectors?

Eilon Arad, Co-Founder, CoinPoint Group 

25th Feb 2020