Case study: crypto by experience

Listen to the this session from the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2018 about cryptocurrency. We constantly hear that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will change the fundamentals of business, at the Winning Poker Network, it already has. Three years ago, they began accepting Bitcoin as a processing method for deposits and withdrawals, and today the 60 different types of cryptocurrency they accept makes up 60% of their business. This session chronicals their journey.

Session objective:

  • Explore the challenges and rewards in going crypto. This session will cover customer education, security risks, staff training, dealing with price volatility, and adapting your business to for rapid change implementation


Michael Caselli, Head of Strategy, iGaming Business


Adriana Brenes, Poker Operations Manager, WPN

Gustavo Grandos Medina, Head of development of the cashier platform, WPN

Jeferson Caleb Wrigt Bustos, Shark (Q&A/Training), WPN

Joe Williams, Consultant, WPN

Marcos Leon, Poker security specialist, WPN

Phil MNagy, CEO, WPN

10th Sep 2018