XLMedia returns to profit despite revenue decline in 2020

XLMedia returns to profit despite revenue decline in 2020

Affiliate giant XLMedia remained in profit in 2020, despite revenue falling 31.2% as a result of a Google demotion and novel coronavirus (Covid-19) impacting its sports assets.

Published 29th April 2021

Revenue for the 12 months to 31 December amounted to $54.8m, down from $79.7m in the previous year.

XLMedia was significantly impacted by changes to the Google rankings of its sites in January of last year. 

Google applied a search ranking penalty to a number of XLMedia casino sites, which the affiliate said made generating new revenue in this vertical difficult.   

After a thorough review, XLMedia chose to focus its efforts on 10 of the penalised websites and a small number of other high-performing assets to minimise duplication in each target country, submitting these to Google for reconsideration.

This led to penalties applied to Casino.pt, Casino.gr and CasinoKiwi.co.nz being rescinded, resulting in an improvement in their rankings. However, the affiliate also said it would take some time to return to historical levels.

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