XLMedia addresses concerns over Google rankings

XLMedia addresses concerns over Google rankings

Affiliate marketing services provider XLMedia has moved to address concerns over a significant decrease in traffic to a number of its online casino websites after Google manually demoted certain sites in its rankings.

Published 21st January 2020

XLMedia said it became aware of the issue on 18 January, saying that the manual demotion by Google impacted the visibility of the sites and also their ability to generate certain levels of online traffic, and hence revenues, from new visitors. 

In an update, XLMedia said while it is too early to accurately assess the financial impact of the action, any further material delay to the full restoration of rankings of would result in a corresponding reduction of its revenue and adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation during that period.

“A process of review is now taking place, with a view to resolving any issue as soon as possible and the company will provide a further update in due course as more information becomes available,” XLMedia said.

XLMedia also noted that its other online publishing assets remain unaffected by the case.