WPN doubles down on The Sunday Venom

WPN doubles down on The Sunday Venom

Winning Poker Network has doubled down on its commitment to make The Sunday Venom a permanent fixture in online poker

Published 6th December 2018

If you’ve been watching the box office the last few months, you’ve probably noticed Venom rake in the cash to the tune of over $800m. In late November, it became the highest-grossing superhero origin movie of all time. The smash hit has done wonders for its studio’s profits, but it’s not the only Venom making waves and making people rich.

Over at Winning Poker Network sites like Americas Cardroom, The Sunday Venom is helping affiliates reap the rewards as hundreds of players flock to the tables in search of a 6-figure payout in the weekly tourney with a $1m guaranteed prize pool. And the Winning Poker Network has doubled down on its commitment to make this a permanent fixture in online poker — and help affiliates make money along the way.

The most attractive Sunday Major online

While it may seem like a bold statement, those who play in it will argue that no other tournament can match The Sunday Venom’s attractiveness from a value perspective. It costs $2,650 to get into (or free through a $0 qualifier… more on that later). That hefty initial buy-in means less than 400 players show up to play.

With a smaller field than in the competing $1m tournaments offered at other sites, players have a much bigger chance to final table the event and win big money. The top player usually nets close to $200,000 and the top three all walk home with six figures.

For high rollers, the $2,650 buy-in is no big deal from a price perspective, but a pretty big deal from a field-limiting perspective. High rollers have responded to the event and have offered positive feedback week after week.

But it’s not just high stakes players flocking to the tables to take down the Sunday Venom. Micro stakes players love it too — especially those without a penny to their name.

On Demand freerolls from $0 — the ultimate conversion tool

The Sunday Venom is a bit of a paradox. It’s for high rollers. But it’s equally for players who are new to online poker or those who aren’t sitting on a big bankroll. It’s all thanks to On Demand freerolls that cost $0 to get into.

Throughout the week, players can enter a Step 0 tournament for $0 and work their way to the final Step 5. Players who win the final Step win a $2,650 seat in The Sunday Venom.

If working your way from Step 0 to a $1m guaranteed tournament sounds like a pipe dream, think again. In October, an online poker player on the Winning Poker Network entered Step 0, worked his way into The Sunday Venom, and finished in 10th place to earn $15,000. And it will surely happen again.

For affiliates, the $0 Step tournament is the ultimate conversion tool. Potential players can try out the tables at no cost and dip their toes in the water without losing everything to sharks. What’s more, players are free to enter as many Step 0 tourneys as they want and keep trying to make their way to The Sunday Venom.

Players are hooked after Step 0

Many players who enter at Step $0 end up re-buying directly into a higher Step so that they can make their way to The Sunday Venom faster. Here’s how it all plays out:

Step 0 -> 12 Daily Freerolls -> Each pays out 113 seats to Step 1
Step 1 -> $6.60 buy-in -> Pays out 60 seats to Step 2
Step 2 -> $15+1.51 by-in -> Pays out 30 seats to Step 3
Step 3 -> $50+5.01 buy-in -> Pays out 18 seats to Step 4
Step 4 -> $200+15.01 -> Pays out 12 seats to Step 5
Step 5 -> $600+30.01 -> Pays out 15 seats to the Sunday Venom

For example, a new player might try out a Step 0 tournament and advance their way up to Step 3. If they then get eliminated in Step 3, he has two options. While the player can re-enter at Step 0 for free, they often opt to jump back into Step 3 (or another Step that requires money). And that real buy-in translates to real profits for affiliates.

Those converting players will find making a deposit really easy too. The Winning Poker Network accepts over 60 different cryptocurrencies to help real money players get to the tables quickly and with ease. Players can use those cryptos for both deposits and withdrawals.

That smaller field means big overlays

The Sunday Venom has missed the mark since its launch, with overlay after overlay every week. While players love these overlays, poker networks aren’t usually a fan of losing money on a tournament — and the Winning Poker Network is no different. Where they are different, however, is in how they’ve responded to those overlays.

Facing a string of gigantic overlays, most poker networks cancel tournaments that don’t cover. But the Winning Poker Network is playing the long game, choosing to stick to its guns and hold the tournament.  It’s an investment that is paying off for affiliates who are looking for an easy conversion tool — and one that won’t disappear overnight.

Turning casual players into high stakes players

The Winning Poker Network has built The Sunday Venom for high rollers while giving casual players an easy in. With a smaller field and the potential for a big payout, those casual players have the potential to easily become high stakes players every Sunday.

High stakes players will find something big beyond just The Sunday Venom. The $1,000 buy-in Cage goes down every Wednesday at Winning Poker Network sites and there’s also a $5,000 Cage Live every other month in Costa Rica hosted by the network. The Railbird feature allows players to share the high stakes action with their friends while they play.

WPN puts affiliates first

It’s clear that the Winning Poker Network is dedicated to players, but their dedication to affiliates is just as strong. WPN Affiliates is focused on building relationships with new and current affiliates, helping them grow their profits in innovative ways. The Sunday Venom is just one example.

For more information on what else they’re doing, visit WPNAffiliates.com.