"We’re ready to expand the Ukrainian market even further"

"We’re ready to expand the Ukrainian market even further"

Parimatch recently received the first betting licence in its newly regulated home market and the opportunities for affiliates don’t stop there, according to Head of Affiliates Maxim Makovetskyi

Published 23rd April 2021

iGB Affiliate: What are the latest developments in the Ukrainian market that will impact affiliates?
Maxim Makovetskyi: I think news of the legalisation of the gambling business in Ukraine has spread all over the online gambling world, so it’s no surprise anymore. For example, Parimatch has already obtained the first betting licence. Legalisation will have a positive effect on operators and players and, as a result, on affiliates too. Newer smaller companies along with the global giants will join the large local companies already on the Ukrainian market.

All this will give a powerful boost to investment in the sphere, increasing both the need to attract players and the cost of traffic. At Parimatch, we’ve already seen an influx of new affiliates interested in our product and noticed the auction to purchase traffic is really hotting up.

What are the challenges and opportunities here?
Legalisation of the market coupled with major sporting events over the summer are all set to explode the narrow vertical of gambling. Small companies will find it challenging to stay afloat because the price of a licence is one of the highest in Europe – the cost of traffic has also grown by at least 30-50%. The only way out is to be creative and use aggressive marketing to grab the players’ attention. This is exactly what small casino brands are doing right now. Although Parimatch is a well-established flagship of the Ukrainian market, we’re also sticking to this strategy. So, as we move towards globalisation, we’re ready to defend our position and expand the Ukrainian market even further.

What unique things should affiliates know about Ukrainian players?
Despite the country’s relatively low level of GDP, Ukrainian players are impetuous and ready to spend and win a lot. As for gaming preferences, casinos and sports are split more or less equally, while football, classically, significantly overshadows other sports.

Which other new markets are exciting to PM Affiliates and do you have any predictions for the coming months?
As I’ve mentioned before, thanks to sponsorship contracts with Juventus, Everton, Leicester, and Connor McGregor, the Parimatch brand is looking towards global expansion, but not forgetting the home market.

For most affiliates in the CIS market, it’s no secret that we’re actively attracting players from outside the region. Several countries are in test mode, where traffic is already going, and the offering will soon be open to the public. Further plans include the countries of Europe and Latin America.

Over the past couple of years, Parimatch's brand recognition has grown significantly in the international arena. As partners in the Parimatch program, our Parimatch affiliates also take part in international affiliate events as well as offline and online summits, so we sync with affiliates and media buyers from many different countries.

All these moves go to show that Parimatch has an unstoppable craving to enter the international market.

Maxim Makovetskyi is Head of Affiliates at Parimatch, and is responsible for the overall development of the Parimatch affiliate programme. His remit includes attracting new affiliates on CPA/rev share, optimising affiliate traffic efficiency and performance evaluation, promotion of the Parimatch affliate program brand and development and refinement of the affiliate platform.