V9BET unveils Diego Forlán as first brand ambassador

V9BET unveils Diego Forlán as first brand ambassador

Online gambling operator V9BET has named former Uruguayan footballer Diego Forlán as its first ever brand ambassador.

Published 21st February 2020

Forlán will assist in promoting the brand across Asia through a series of branded content where he will share his thoughts on V9BET’s products and insights into UEFA Euro 2020.

In addition, Forlán will join V9BET members at the Euro 2020 Final in July this year.

“V9BET represents a young and lively brand in the market, and it is the leader on sports gaming. It is my pleasure and honour to be the ambassador of V9BET, to represent their brand, image and spirit,” Forlán said.

A spokesperson for V9BET added: “We are proud to announce Diego Forlán as our 2020 official brand ambassador for V9BET. We hope this partnership brings more trust and assurance to our valued members.”