UK Gambling Commission aims to raise standards in 2019-20

UK Gambling Commission aims to raise standards in 2019-20

The UK Gambling Commission has published its business plan for the next 12 months, setting out its core targets of raising overall standards in the industry and enhancing consumer protection.

Published 17th April 2019

The plan, which covers the period from April 2019 through to the end of March next year, includes five key focus areas for the UK regulatory body.

These include protecting the interests of consumers, enhancing its prevention measures for gambling-related harm, improving industry standards, optimising the returns on good causes from lotteries, as well as enhancing the way it regulates the UK market.

“We put consumers at the heart of our approach, which requires us to strike a balance between the enjoyment people get from gambling and the risks that gambling can present,” Gambling Commission chief executive Neil McArthur said.

“Managing those risks is not just the responsibility of the individual consumer, and that is why we assess risks by looking at the providers of gambling, the products that are offered and the places in which people gamble.

“Our approach allows us to respond to emerging risks and issues, whilst constantly seeking ways to drive up standards.”

Actions for boosting protection measures include researching how the body can best inform consumer decision-making and assist harm prevention, as well as looking at improving alternative dispute resolution standards.

In terms of prevention measures, the Commission will soon launch its new National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms, with plans also in place to work with the Advertising Standards Authority to identify actions regarding the impact of gambling ads on children, young people and vulnerable people.

The regulator also intends to deliver a best practice programme to help improve industry standards, as well as implement a number of changes to the Licencing Conditions and Codes of Practice to raise operator standards.

Later in the 12-month period, the Commission will launch the process to find the next licensee for the UK National Lottery, while the regulator also has a series of initiatives in place to improve its own operations.