Tipster rolls out affiliate programme Mediacle

Tipster rolls out affiliate programme Mediacle

Online bookmaker Tipster has launched a new affiliate programme through its partnership with Mediacle.

Published 10th September 2019

Tipster Sportwetten will be powered by the Mediacle Affiliate Platform (MAP), which, built on advanced cloud-based technologies, offers an affiliate marketing platform to iGaming businesses.

MAP also features a reporting and tracking suite that helps affiliates analyse and monitor their performance statistics.

“We are extremely delighted to be associated with Tipster,” Mediacle’s chief executive, Santosh Jain, said. “This is a great opportunity for us as Tipster’s association will certainly help us broaden and strengthen our competence by challenging our limits.

“The MAP team is looking forward to it and are confident that Tipster’s journey with Mediacle will be fruitful and highly rewarding.”