STS Gaming Group acquires 140,000 shares in Better Collective

STS Gaming Group acquires 140,000 shares in Better Collective

Mateusz and Zbigniew Juroszek, the parent company of Polish bookmaker STS Gaming Group, has purchased approximately 140,000 shares in affiliate marketing giant Better Collective for just over €1m (£889,773/$1.1m).

Published 17th September 2019

STS and Better Collective have been working together since March of last year through an affiliate partnership, and the investment builds on this relationship.

“Having shares of Better Collective is very crucial to our family investment portfolio,” STS chief executive Mateusz Juroszek said.

“We see a lot of potential in the company, which has already announced its third acquisition this year – two in the US, one in the UK,” Juroszek said. “It is very important to us, as Better Collective is such a large and very well-known entity, especially in the Americas where the iGaming industry is growing rapidly.

“This investment is our long-term asset; we consider increasing the capital commitment of Better Collective in the future.”

Better Collective’s current portfolio includes over 2,000 websites and products.