Rightlander rolls out new content compliance tool

Rightlander rolls out new content compliance tool

Compliance monitoring specialist Rightlander.com has announced the launch of a new tool designed to help users identify unethical and misleading messages behind paywalls.

Published 14th August 2020

Available to all online gambling operators, Rightlander Radar allows users to monitor content on private channels that may breach certain regulations.

Tipsters, matched betting sites and affiliate newsletters sometimes use direct mail, software downloads or password access to distribute content.

“Radar is designed for any compliance officer or affiliate marketing professional who has a responsibility to ensure that affiliate and marketing content is pushed to consumers in a compliant fashion and who needs to quickly identify when a brand's licence is being put at risk,” Rightlander founder Ian Sims said.

“This level of service requires a specific knowledge of the sector and how affiliates work.

“We employ experienced gamblers and affiliates who know what to look for and how to recognise ‘bad actors’ to seek out these marketing channels and conduct the monitoring.”