Propus Partners launches new global directory

Propus Partners launches new global directory

Sports betting consultancy Propus Partners has announced the launch of Bookies Matrix, a new portal that collects information and data about licensed sports betting operators from around the world.

Published 24th July 2020

The site serves as a directory of licensed sports betting operators worldwide, providing information about each brand including licences held, relative size in each jurisdiction, platform, data, odds, streaming and virtuals providers, as well as details of products offered.

The service will update continuously with changes such as new market entrants, lapsed licenses, product launches and as when new jurisdictions move online.

Bookies Matrix will provide clients with access to data and analysis, as well as be available for specific research requests from new and existing subscribers.

Mark Israney, partner at Propus Partners, said: “We have been collecting a huge amount of data regarding the sportsbetting industry over the last three years, which has helped our consultancy clients.

“During the recent crisis, we reached out to our network to ask how we could help those businesses at this time and one of the common themes we spotted was the need for intelligence of the industry outside of their local markets.

“From there, we decided to launch Bookies Matrix as a subscription service.”