Online Blockchain launches referral initiative for FreeLoadr

Online Blockchain launches referral initiative for FreeLoadr

UK-listed Online Blockchain has rolled out a referral bonus programme for its FreeLoadr gaming product.

Published 7th August 2019

The programme gives existing users and newcomers the opportunity to receive a significant points boost and redeem games at an accelerated rate.

If an existing customer succeeds in getting a new user to join, then both will be rewarded with an extra 50,000 points when the new user starts mining.

FreeLoadr is an application that enables gamers to donate their latent graphic computing power (GPU) in return for FreeLoadr points, which can be redeemed in the FreeLoadr store for PC games.

“The launch of the referral programme will further propagate the FreeLoadr product amongst the gaming community, which ultimately has significant impact on our hashing power,” Online Blockchain chief executive, Clem Chambers, said.

“This is one of a number of developments and new features, which will be announced in due course.”