Norwegian parliament passes gambling advertising amendment

Norwegian parliament passes gambling advertising amendment

Norway’s parliament (Stortinget) has approved a legislative amendment aimed at preventing offshore gambling operators from advertising their services to consumers in the country via the internet.

Published 21st May 2020

The amendment will grant enhanced powers to the Norwegian Media Authority (Medietilsynet), allowing it to order internet service providers and media companies to prevent access to illegal marketing.

Norsk Tipping holds the gambling monopoly in Norway and is the only operator currently permitted to offer online gambling.

“This [amendment] will reduce the scope of gambling advertising, and may in turn help reduce the number of problem gamblers,” Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Abid Q. Raja said.

“[Previously] we have not had the necessary tools to enforce the advertising ban on foreign operators. But with this provision, the Media Authority is empowered to impose a duty on internet owners and distributors to prevent access to advertising for illegal gambling.”

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