New Zealand unveils gambling ad guidelines

New Zealand unveils gambling ad guidelines

New Zealand has become the latest country to introduce new guidelines with the aim of protecting young and vulnerable people from gambling advertising.

Published 11th April 2019

The country’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has published a new code for gambling products and venues.

The code has been developed by the ASA Codes Committee, with input from advertisers, agencies and representatives of media companies and public bodies, and in consultation with industry stakeholders and the public sector.

The code will come into effect on August 5, although operators will be given a grace period up to November 4 to ensure their ads comply with the new guidelines.

“Reviewing and updating the Codes is an important part of the ASA’s work and it is great to have the new Gambling Advertising Code in place to support responsible advertising to consumers,” ASA chief executive Hilary Souter said.

Under the new rules, ads cannot feature content that may appeal to younger people, while both the time and location where ads are placed should be taken into account so as not to appear most before children and young people.

The code also states gambling ads must not promote gambling as a means of relieving or improving a person’s financial, professional or personal circumstances.