NAGA introduces stocks with zero commissions and fees

NAGA introduces stocks with zero commissions and fees

NAGA, a fintech company with a proprietary platform for investment and finance, announces the launch of a new investment product on its platform: stock

Published 14th January 2020

NAGA announced the launch of a new investment product on its platform: stocks. The platform, which has up to now enabled investment across hundreds of contract-for-difference products, has been expanded to provide users with direct market access to physical stocks and ETFs. Not only will stock investing have zero commissions, NAGA has also dropped the mark-up and ticketing, and management fees. 

This comes as a natural development for the company whose commitment from the start has been to deliver state-of-the-art technology that makes trading and investment simple and inclusive. With the addition of stocks, NAGA further establishes its position as a multi-asset one-stop investment solution giving everyone the chance to enter the markets and manage their wealth and money on a single platform.

“Our goal was to remove the complexity of accessing the stock market, and also do away with the complex fees that have traditionally come with owning stocks. Today’s users are looking for integrated propositions. For the modern investor, it’s about finding a place where everything comes together and can be managed in one place. Stocks are a thriving market, fundamentally different to CFDs, and vitally important for the ability of our clients to optimise their investment diversification in the long term. NAGA provides a unified and seamless experience across trading, investing, and transacting. This, together with the ability to socially engage with the wider financial community, makes NAGA ideal for anyone looking to diversify and concentrate,” says Ben Bilski

NAGA follows through on its promise to create a financial system that integrates physical and digital assets on a platform that is both simple to use and socially enhanced. The ease-of-use of the NAGA platform and, the ease-of-investment carries through to its new stock offering which now means NAGA clients can seamlessly trade real stocks in addition and in parallel to CFD Equities, Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities, etc.