Malta opens self-exclusion system consultation

Malta opens self-exclusion system consultation

A preliminary market consultation has been launched in Malta to gather opinions about a possible self-exclusion system on the island.

Published 22nd March 2019

The Malta Gaming Authority’s (MGA) consultation has been launched after a unified system was first proposed nearly a year ago.

Under the plans, players would be able to block access to all of Malta’s licensed services when they self-exclude from one.

Operators are already required to offer players the option of self-excluding, but there is currently no link between different companies' databases.

It remains to be seen whether such a system could be rolled out to include online marketing, as is the case in Sweden under its Spelpaus initiative, which was introduced with the re-regulation of the market in the country on New Year’s Day.

The system could also feature functionality for third-party exclusion as well as operator-imposed exclusion.

The MGA said that the system should also include a dedicated, central self-exclusion website, an online form to capture consumer details and a database for self-exclusions, as well as data protection-compliant systems and a record-matching process.