Leadstar Media opens first Peru website

Leadstar Media opens first Peru website

Online lead generation company Leadstar Media has expanded its presence in the Latin American market with the launch of a new website in Peru.

Published 12th May 2020

Miscasasdeapuestas.com/pe will be hosted on a subdirectory of the root domain Miscasasdeapuestas.com and focus on search engine optimisation in the country.

Though the website will be in Spanish-language like its sister sites in Brazil and Colombia, geo-targeting mean there will be distinct differences, according to Leadstar.

“We have seen success in previous products in Latin America and decided to expand further in the region,” Leadstar chief executive Eskil Kvarnström said.

“Like Brazil and Colombia, it's yet another country where sports in general and football in particular, have a strong foothold in the community. It makes it an exciting prospect and I firmly believe we can replicate our success from other markets.

“Land-based gambling already has a strong presence in Peru. I’m confident that its online equivalent will overtake traditional outlets in the coming years.

“Several major operators already have foundations in the country and I see huge potential for our products in the market.”

Leadstar also revealed it is currently developing versions of the website for other Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America to launch later this year.