Leadstar Media grows US presence with BettingScanner.com

Leadstar Media grows US presence with BettingScanner.com

Lead generation specialist Leadstar Media has launched BettingScanner.com, a new website that allows users to compare sports betting sites and promotions from across the US.

Published 27th November 2019

Consumers can visit BettingScanner.com to find out about the latest offers from licenced sites, as well as access an overview of the current status of legal betting in each state.

The new website will complement UnitedGamblers.com, which, launched earlier this year, compares and contrasts sports betting and online casino sites in states that have legalised these forms of gambling.

“The American market is simply huge, making it difficult to compete within all niches with just one site,” Leadstar chief executive Eskil Kvarnström. “Betting Scanner offers a more concentrated focus on betting, whereas United Gamblers targets both sports betting and online casino.

“Even though many states have opened up their gambling laws, there are still challenges to be faced. For example, every affiliate will need a specific license for each individual state. Only five states have so far made betting completely legal without any impeding restrictions, which is a fundamental prerequisite for our business model to be successful.”

Kvarnström also said Leadstar could build on its offering in the US and introduce additional comparison websites to the market.

“Right now we are happy with the two products that we have launched this year, but it is definitely an intriguing proposition to launch more sites in the future,” he said.