Kenyan Assembly considers ad changes

Kenyan Assembly considers ad changes

Kenya’s National Assembly is mulling over a bill that would bring about significant changes to the country’s gambling sector, including new restrictions on advertising.

Published 6th June 2019

Under the Gaming Bill 2019, all gambling-related television and radio advertisements would have to dedicate at least 10% of their air time to responsible gambling messaging.

In addition, the ads would be prohibited from being aired between 6am and 10pm, as well as during live broadcasts of sports events.

Through the introduction of the Gaming Advertisement Tax, a limit will also be placed on how many advertisements can be broadcast. Each ad would be subject to a 35% tax, although it is unclear at this stage whether the operator or broadcaster would foot the bill.

However, at this stage in the assembly’s deliberations, it is unclear whether any restrictions will be placed on online advertising and affiliate marketing.

The advertising proposals are part of broader plans that would lead to the creation of a national lottery, higher charges on licensees and the establishment of a new regulatory body, the Gaming Appeals Tribunal, which would adjudicate in gambling-related disputes.

However, the bill does not propose a change in the gambling tax rate, which is currently 15%.