High Roller launches Kasino Curt promotion

High Roller launches Kasino Curt promotion

High Roller Factory has bolstered its standing in the casino affiliate business by acquiring the Kasino Curt website.

Published 5th December 2018

Kasino Curt, which was originally launched by retired NHL ice hockey player Sami Helenius, was forced to shut down its operations after Finnish police sent a clarification request regarding the site, which was originally supposed to target the Swedish market.

High Roller has hired Finnish reality TV star Jasmine Tukiainen to promote the website.

“I am happy to start this new adventure with Kasino Curt,” she said. “The project looks very interesting. I have been involved in many different kinds of businesses, but this is the first time in casino business.”

The cooperation was announced yesterday, to coincide with so-called International Dice Day.

Kasino Curt offers information about casinos and casino games, but does not promote online casinos currently.