GiG bolsters KYC processes with HooYu

GiG bolsters KYC processes with HooYu

Identity confirmation provider HooYu has entered into a deal with online gaming operator and technology provider Gaming Innovation Group (GiG).

Published 10th October 2019

Under the agreement, GiG will now deploy the HooYu Identify platform to help smooth the know-your-customer process at all points of the customer lifecycle.

The HooYu customer journey uses customisable user interface and experience tools to facilitate ID document validation, facial biometrics, address proofing and also enables customers to provide source of funds information where required.

“By integrating HooYu we can reduce KYC review times from hours to minutes,” GiG’s head of payments, risk and fraud, Mark Weston, said. “We listen to what our customers want and they tell us a fast and easy process is key.

“HooYu brings us a huge saving of manual effort that allows us to scale further and lets us focus on providing the best games and experience to our customers.”

David Pope, marketing director at HooYu, added: “The HooYu customer journey tools are relevant not just to customer sign-up but to all parts of the customer lifecycle to help strike the right balance between a great customer experience and compliance with regulatory requirements.”