GAMING1 in RG drive with new toolkit

GAMING1 in RG drive with new toolkit

Gambling and sports betting partner GAMING1 has launched a new product suite to help promote responsible gambling.

Published 6th August 2020

Designed by the company’s in-house product development team, the toolkit aims to monitor all players’ activities and detect any early sign of problem gambling.

The system deploys artificial intelligence and data science technologies in order to determine and monitor individuals at risk.

The GAMING1 Responsible Gaming Operation team will then use machine learning technologies to further analyse problematic behaviour.

Those identified at the highest risk level will be provided with comprehensive assistance by the GAMING1 in-house team of player protection experts.

Sylvain Boniver, chief operating officer at GAMING1 said: “We’ve created a cutting-edge product suite that promotes responsible gambling for all, once again demonstrating GAMING1’s unwavering commitment to player protection.

“With continued innovation and hard work, our focus is on developing solutions that not only protect players but the integrity of the sector as a whole.”