GambleAware urges action on underage ad exposure

GambleAware urges action on underage ad exposure

Problem gambling funding body GambleAware has called for more action to help protect against gambling-related harm, after a new report highlighted the dangers of advertising and marketing exposure among children, young people and vulnerable people.

Published 30th March 2020

Led by Ipsos Mori and the Institute for Social Marketing at the University of Stirling, the research programme focused on a mixed mode survey carried out among 1,091 young people between 21 May and 13 September last year.

According to the report, regular exposure to gambling promotions can change perceptions and associations of gambling over time for children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Researchers found that 96% of 11-24-year-old participants had been exposed to gambling marketing messages in the last month, while those that were shown parts of gambling logos were able correctly identify an average of eight out of 10.

The report said this early exposure was a key factor as to whether a young person was likely to gamble in the future. If they had a close friend or carer that gambles, they were six times more likely to be a current gambler than those without such a connection.

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