Former Catena executive confirmed in QTech role

Former Catena executive confirmed in QTech role

Markus Nasholm, the former head of corporate development and M&A at affiliate giant Catena Media, has been confirmed as the new global CEO of QTech Games.

Published 10th January 2019

Nasholm undertook a number of senior roles at Catena after joining the company as chief financial officer in 2016. His responsibilities included helping to lead finance projects, which included an IPO, to broader planning initiatives.

The chartered accountant also previously worked at Bet24, part of Kindred Group.

QTech is a games distributor based in Manila, Philippines.

“We’re thrilled to have installed Markus at the helm of the QTech team for 2019 and beyond,” QTech’s board said in a statement. “We’ve always been intent on recruiting only the best personnel on the planet, not just the best games, and this key hire is an embodiment of that mission statement.

“We now have a global CEO who has proved himself in high-growth gaming arenas, from start-ups to venture-capital vehicles and on to multinational blue-chip companies.

“This breadth of multi-dimensional experience, allied to his innate team leadership and flair for bottom-line accountability, made Markus the logical choice to wisely steward the expansion of our global footprint into new territories.”

Nasholm added: “It’s a hugely exciting time to be taking on this new challenge alongside a few of the brightest minds in the industry, coupled to some of the most pioneering technology.

“After a successful 2018 of double-digit growth, enhancing the speed and performance of all games on its platform, QTech has careered into the industry consciousness with a series of new deals and innovative tools.

“Just take the landmark launch of our new campaign tool in Q4 2018 that will enable operators to run campaigns across the entire QTech portfolio.

“Such is the collective quality and passion of the team – from our machine-learning software to our targeted departments for Africa and Latin America – the distributional scope is there to facilitate QTech Games’ transition into one of the largest providers of digital entertainment around.”